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I've recently added stuff about the Ecrins - or rather, I've begin to.

Background (if it matters): I climbed there in 1992/4 ish; and skiied there a few times too.


  • Parc national des Écrins - is the page about the *park*. I decided it should be in french (the title, not the article).
  • Massif des Écrins - is about the *monutains* which is logically separate from the park. Whether this logical separation makes sense in practice I don't know.
  • Dauphine Alps (not mine) is a list of summits and passes (apparently from an old encyc; I've corrected a couple). I think this probably deserves moving to, or into, M des Ecrins; or... dunno.

Incidentally I checked: the fr:wiki has very little.