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Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. Talk pages are for discussing the content of their articles from an editorial standpoint -- whether they should be changed, edited, revised, refined, etc. They are not places to post short essays on what you believe the connection between race, history, and politics to be. There are many alternative outputs on the internet for your opinions, I encourage you to use them and to exercise your free speech. However Wikipedia is not the right venue for that. Thanks. --Fastfission 04:32, 21 Apr 2005 (UTC)

My comments were entirely appropriate for the talk page associated with the article on the Caucasian race, which, in an earlier edition of the article, made the utterly innacurate suggestion that the term 'Caucasian' was reserved exclusively for Northern Europeans (specifically excluding Mediterraneans) in the U.S.. This is utter nonsense, it is offensive, and has no place in what is supposed to be an encyclopedia of objective fact. It was entirely appopriate for me to provide some background on the contemporary confusion surrounding the term 'Caucasian', especially for non-American readers. Moreover, your suggestion that the talk pages are void of opinion is preposterous - look at the talk pages for chrisakes - many consist of nothing but opinion.

The talk pages at Wikipedia are not your personal weblog, and you have no right to attempt to censor the coments of others you don't agree with.

If you would like to specifically cite some element of my comments that you find inapropriate, perhaps I would agree to remove them - don't take it upon yourself to censor others.

Finally, I read your profile and find that our backgrounds and interests are actually somewhat similar. I too am vexed by Creationists and other cranks soiling the pages of Wikipedia. However, you come uncomfortably close to being one yourself when you erase the contributions of others you don't agree with. Again, I believe my comments were appropriate given the preceding discussion about whether 'caucasian' applies to Mediterranean types. I invite you to suggest specific comments for removal - if your suggestions are reasonable, you will find me quite accomodating and reasonable in return.

Thank you. Wikipediatag

Your comments reached far beyond "comments on the article in question" to notions about what you consider to be the general problem with understanding race in the USA and things like that, with complaints about political correctness, your theory on the phenomena of "wiggers", and what have you. If you want to comment at length on the article, please keep it to an editorialcomment. Wikipedia is not a place to post long essays and it is not useful to make long posts of that sort at the top of talk pages. Otherwise feel free to post it to your own user page and link it if you want, but as it is it goes far beyond commenting on the content of the article. The goal here is to create a good encyclopedia. --Fastfission 03:39, 22 Apr 2005 (UTC)


I saw your latest deletion and associated coments and made the following adjustment to the post in question - I'm curious as to whether you still find my comments objectionable (the following was copy/pasted from the bottom of the 'talk Caucasian race page'):

[Note: I still think there's something creepy about your aggressive censorship tactics and presumption of authority, and I am still waiting on a specific citation of where in the Wiki guidelines it says talk pages cannot include opinions. I don't think there's anything wrong with giving some background on why one objects to an article, even if that includes opinions. I nevertheless agree that one may reasonably object to the original post on the grounds that it was too long, and at times too broad in scope and overly speculative. I will not repost the original but will instead post the following more concise, more focused version:]

The term 'Caucasian', as used in the United States, includes southern Europeans, contrary to the claims of an earlier edition of this article that it does not. To suggest otherwise is simply inaccurate. Anyone suggesting otherwise is undoubtedly confusing and/or conflating southern Europeans with 'Latinos/Hispanics', a term which, in the United States refers to persons of Latin American origin who may in fact be of any race but are often casually referred to as 'non-white'.

Wikipediatag 12:33, 22 Apr 2005 (UTC)