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Map of Woodlark islands, Papua New Guinea showing Madau island

Madau is an island of the Woodlark Islands group, in the Solomon Sea and Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea.


It is a few 100 metres (330 ft) off the northwestern tip of Woodlark Island. Its area is 32 km². The highest point is 7 metres (23 ft) above MSL.

At the census of population of 2000, the island hat 758 inhabitants. 307 were in the principal village of Madau, located in the centre of the island; 237 in Muneiveyova in the north; and 178 in Boagis in the south.

Natural history[edit]

There is only one species of mammal on the island, the Woodlark Cuscus (Phalanger lullulae). It is in the Trobriand Islands rain forests ecoregion.

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Coordinates: 08°58′26″S 152°25′17″E / 8.97389°S 152.42139°E / -8.97389; 152.42139