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Aditionally information over Population,residents for surface in country and relationed:

Proper Japan,are one island group,ubiqued in North template zone, why extend from 30° untill to 50° of north latitude,front at Asian coasts.the principal island are:

Hokkaido,the most northem,scarcie populated,with measure simila to Maine;the central island of Honshu,more great at Ohio and Indiana,site of the most important cities and industrial centers and minor islands of Kyushu and Shikoku.the total area of these zone are 147,593 squate miles,more or less same tall why Montana.additionally Japan having to conquest other exterior areas how Formosa,one island front at Chinese coast in similarity with Cuba front at florida,Korea,denomined for theirs how Chosen,Liaotung peninsula in Manchuria area and Karafuto. with these adquisitions in Asian continent the japanese surface augmented at ones 262,912 additional square miles.the population in Japan proper if now 73,114,000 and in all empire ones 105,226,000 residents. in Chosen Province,the most great and important of your exterior areas residing ones 25,000,000,000(1944 census)between theirs stay one 3% of Japanese residents,why served in government,commerce,industry and Military services.exist one Chinese and Manchu little minority another Koreans living in proper japan,Manchuria and Russian Siberia.

since your invasioon to Manchuria in 1931,yand China mainland in 1937 but specially more with entering to Pacific War Campaings, Japan having to gained the temporary control of others 4,000,000 square miles in South East Asia and West Pacific lands,and submited at others 400,000,000 foreing non japanese subdits,extend having your imperial dominion during conflict at more of 500,000,000 of mens;this is only equal with British Empire and the extension of these temporary control stay from North Pacific waters,the farest margings of Indian Ocean to northem area of seas why surrond Australia.

in proper japan stay the center of these great empire,the heart are the "Six great cities" why content the 20% of total japanese population:Tokyo(6,667,804 residents),Osaka(3,252,340 habitants),Nagoya(1,328,084souls),Kyoto(1,089,725 persons),Yokohama(968,091 habitants) and Kobe(967,234 persons) another center in exterior provinces stay in Chosen with Keijo(185,000 habitants),Fusan(182,0000 residents) and Keiho(Seoul) the Capital of province(706,000 souls).

The Japanese nation if very young in respect at your habitants components,haing one 45%,minor to 45 years.but your natality if reduced: at age of 20 years japanese promedia only expect to living how media term ones 40,4 years,in comparing with American White mens why your media of life are 47,6 years,the birth rate declined untill to 26,3% in 1939 but from these moments,this augment to 29,9% probably for augment of workers salaires and extended work occupation with Military industry andothers relationed with present conflict.

the Normally elevated mortality child rate,raised to 17,6% and the mortality child rate of 114 if very elevated.between 1935-1940 the population augment one 5, 1937 Japanese demographers pronosticatedthe raising of local population in 1980 ones 100,000,000 of new habitantsin accord with birth rates observed in these days,but these predictionsare failed for diminished the present quantitie of residents and expect one dramatic reduction motivated for present conflict and other causes in post conflict period.